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ISE 2020 Netherlands Tour Live Broadcast
View:1888 2020-02-13

ISE 2020 European professional AV integrated equipment exhibition officially kicked off on February 11 local time at RAI International Convention and Exhibition Center in Amsterdam,

the Netherlands. ISE as the world's leading AV and systems integration exhibition, has been highly concerned by the industry. 

According to statistics, there are 1200 companies participating in the exhibition,

with the first day's traffic exceeding that of the same period last year.

Despite the impact of the epidemic at the beginning of the year, the OKView team,

under the premise of ensuring the health of employees and other participants, adheres to the business philosophy of "more difficult and more forward",

breaks through all difficulties, and comes to the ISE exhibition site as scheduled, bringing new display products to the audience.

In this exhibition, we have launched a number of new display products, focusing on the field of commercial display.

In the advance notice of ISE 2020's trip to the Netherlands, we have introduced the star exhibits of ISE:

IWB6516 Interactive Flat Panel with Infrared Touch(Left 1)、IWB8622 Integrated Display with Capacitive Touch(Left 2)、

IWB5519 Full-fit Panel(Left 3)、DS3221W-T Self-service order machine(Right 1)

The exhibition is in progress, and the Dutch tour is broadcast in real time:

In order to better demonstrate the advantages and features of the new conference solutions launched by OKView,

we support exhibitors who are interested in the products to use and experience our products while our OKView team explains and demonstrates them professionally.

With the advantages of high brightness, low energy consumption, high contrast, ultra-high resolution and color saturation, the participants on site are amazed at it.

During this period, we also received a lot of deep greetings from overseas customers, which let us feel the warmth of "Lands apart,sky shared".

We sincerely thank international friends for their care and help to China, and also thank you for your support and love for OKView's products.

ISE 2020 is the last ISE exhibition held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In 2021, the exhibition will move to Barcelona. Past ISE exhibitions have witnessed the cultivation and growth of OKView in the field of commercial display.

Next, OKView will actively overcome the adverse effects of the epidemic, invest more actively in products and services, innovate and make breakthroughs in self challenges,

bring better new products to customers, and continue to lead the industry development with science and technology.

At the end of the article: in the face of the epidemic situation, OKView commitment: believe in science, believe in the motherland! Fight against the epidemic together, start from me!

Come on, Wuhan!

Come on, China!